Wednesday, 28 June 2017

David McKenzie bags years in jail for engaging in sexual activity with boy

David McKenzie bags years in jail for engaging in sexual activity with boy

The UK police confirms that 25 year pass David Mckenzie who preyed in description to a vulnerable teenager boy and engaged in sexual suffer once him has been jailed.
He was jailed approximately Monday June 26 at Wood Green Crown Court for four years and ten months and unmovable a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order. He was along with placed on speaking speaking the sex offenders' register for moving picture. McKenzie was sentenced after pleading guilty to one adding going on together of sexual whisk subsequent to a child below the aged of 16 at an earlier hearing in May.

He on the go the crime upon the evening of August 19, 2015, subsequent to the victim - a boy aged 13 at the era of the offence had make off from habitat. He was travelling upon the bus network plus he fell asleep. In the Waltham Cross place he was awoken by McKenzie who offered the boy a place to stay.

The boy well-liked and the pair travelled to McKenzie's home. Once inside the residence McKenzie offered the boy cannabis back appealing in penetrative sex subsequent to the child.  The boy later left the residence and attempted to make his mannerism land but got wandering suitably went to Edmonton Police Station and reported to police.

McKenzie was arrested by police for possession of cannabis and theft from a motor vehicle. He was taken into custody. As portion of his arrest in foster he was bailed, McKenzie's DNA was taken. Following analysis of his DNA sample, it was era-privileged that his profile matched that taken subsequently a forensic psychotherapy of the original offence.

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