Thursday, 8 June 2017

How to make money with your blog

Blogging has been a very lucrative business over the years; it pays more than some office jobs. For some people blogging is a hobby but for some it is their job, many earn their living with blog. Many people wonder how come people make much money on blog, if you have a blog you need to invest time and resources in your blog. 

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Just as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” to be a successful blogger you must have patience and be ready to spend money on your blog, when I said spend money you may wonder what will I spend money for.  These are the necessary things you will need to spend money on:

Custom Domain: Custom Domain is your own domain name that is your blog will not be on a sub-domain like ( or ( instead it will be ( Getting a domain name is not free you have to buy it; there are so many hosting companies both local and international. Google Adsense does not approved site on a sub-domain.

Facebook Ads: Facebook has a platform whereby you can advertise your products/services, that means you can promote your website/Blog on facebook to reach millions of people around the world and advertising on facebook is not free you need to pay for it.

So now talking about how to make money on your blog which is the main reason why I published this post; below are ways you can earn money as a blogger:

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the biggest and most profitable advertising network in the world, they pay per click that means when a reader clicks on any Google Adsense ads on your site you will be automatically credited, the price varies depending on the company that have the advert. 

The steps to get Adsense on your blog are: Set up your blog with good and sufficient content, good theme (good design) good and clear navigation and get a custom domain, then you register with adsense when your site is approved they will notify you but if your account is disapproved you will get a message why it was rejected and you take the corrections and apply again.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to make money with your blog, this is how it works; you register as an affiliate with company like Amazon, Jumia online store, Konga and many other, once your application is approved you will be given an affiliate link, some links come with different banner sizes which you will place on your blog, when anybody click on the link the person will be redirected to the website of the company you work as an affiliate for and if the person make any purchase from the company you will be paid commission. 

There is no specific price for commission it all depend on the company.

Advertising: You can make money on your blog by advertising people products and services on your blog, if your blog is poplar then people will contact you directly to place advert on your site. You can place banner advert, text advert and writing sponsored post.

Sell of Products: You can sell your own products like e-books and others. You can advertise your services on your blog, like if you are a Graphic and Web Designer you can advertise your services on your blog and people contact and patronize you.

If you run an entertainment blog you can promote songs for Artistes. Bloggers are part of the success stories of some popular musicians; they contribute to the growth of upcoming Artistes, some musicians pay bloggers to promote their songs on their blog so as to reach more people.

The above are means to make money as a blogger, blogging is a very lucrative business like I said but it doesn’t happen in just a day, it takes time, you have to be patience and be ready to invest time and money on your blog and you will see the result. It always has a good ending.

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