Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Man Dies After Eating The Meat Of A Pregnant Cat In Ghana


The community of Asare in the Jaman South District of Brong-Ahafo Region in Ghana, are mourning the death of one Kwadwo Robert who allegedly died after consuming the meat of a pregnant cat.

Kwadwo, 30, who's popularly known in the community as Asampian started putting occurring a strange display after he ate the meat. He was reportedly terse to the Sampa Government Hospital but died concerning arrival on the subject of Wednesday.

Daily Guide reported that Kwadwo Robert was invited by his friend, Kofi Tawiah, to his dwelling to auspices him kill a cat that belonged to a community believer.

According to the symbol, after they had killed the cat, they realized that the animal was pregnant behind five fetuses but went ahead to prepare the meat for consumption.

After eating the meat, Kwadwo reportedly began behaving strangely. He was said to have been crawling upon the ground as soon as a cat and making weird gestures.

Sources at the scene said they thought he was government bothered, therefore they immediate him to the hospital, but unfortunately he was pronounced dead upon beginning at the Sampa Government Hospital in Sampa.

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