Saturday, 15 July 2017

Chinese Men Interpreting Their Movies In Yoruba Will Destroy Our Culture - Jide Kosoko says

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The Legendary Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko is currently sad gone the infiltration of Chinese and Indians in the movie industry. In his words, these nationals would only contaminate our culture.

He said, One issue people are not talking nearly is an awful trend occurring in our movie industry now. It is a major challenge that I would sensitive to habitat because people are not talking about it.

 This hardship is getting augmented than piracy and the admin should engross see into it. We heard that the Chinese people are bringing in their films but they lip sync Yoruba language. That means that you could be watching a Chinese film but they would be speaking Yoruba language. There are in addition to Indian movies as soon as that.

This trend would contaminate our culture. It means that whenever our kids watch these movies, they would admit that everything is done there is part of the Yoruba culture. It is something that the meting out must speedily see into. Also, it would dent our economy because they would bow to our portion away.

 When they are bringing in these films into our country, it is a unqualified job correspondingly they are not employing anybody here. They are by yourself here to accrue our maintenance. We all know that the moment Chinese people enter any industry, it is finished.

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