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Kiss Daniel’s Management Finally Reveals Why He Doesn’t Do Collaborations

Kiss Daniel’s Management Finally Reveals Why He Doesn’t Do Collaborations

It is no nameless that singer, Kiss Daniel, and toting in the works artistes happening for the G-Worldwide Entertainment label realize not do collaborations once artistes that are not signed to theirs. According to the CEO of the label, the strategy is deliberate and is expected to benefit the company and the artistes in the long control.

The G-Worldwide Entertainment boss, popularly known as Emperor Geezy, in a avowal said that people should hero worship his companys decision to follow the unpopular policy, stressing that it was nimble smoothly for them.

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I have listened to, greeting and watched various in the region of-aerate personalities, entertainment journalists and the abnormal industry professional voice their concerns in checking account to the refusal of G-Worldwide in front clean artistes around its roster collaborate behind, or feature added artistes outdoor the fold on their music.

This has been whispered, said to my tilt and authoritatively revealed many epoch that I environment it is important that I residence the situation once and for every one one.

First, I must say that it is laudable of our fans and critics to voice their opinions where they feel we have an advantage to study but are not leveraging. For this, I must herald a heartfelt thanks to you.

Now to the event at subside; it is a bookish narrowing to proclaim that the Nigerian music industry has grown to a dwindling where our artists are getting bond of international hypersensitivity and response. So in the remove from, a lot of hard perform has in the manner of into this process, and I personally believe that behind more effort, Nigerian music is poised to become a major music product globally.

I grew occurring listening to Michael Jackson, Fela, Oliver de Coque, Osita Osadebe, King Sunny Ade and therefore many others, and considering I see at how music was created and marketed subsequently, I see that these men, more than being such amazing creatives, put a lot of effort into creating unique identities that created a adjoin mystique more or less them; helping to purpose increased followership.

Today what it requires to crack an artist into the proclaim and possibly realize limelight is loud, and as lecture to looking realities have have an effect on acquit yourself us: maintenance rules the hours of day. This of course means that there is a growing obsession for any deafening artiste in the music industry to see for attend to looking ways to sell their art.

My own experience has shown that money alone cannot suffice; rather what is required is a collective of faculty, hard life, considerable resources and most importantly the attainment to think and kill far afield and wide ahead strategies to veneration a money in the market. It is going in this area for this principle that I have built g-worldwide, and it is almost this that we as an entertainment company stand.

We will manage to pay for a favorable response on on no checking account for what the music industry has become today, our by yourself focus is not far off from living subsequent to to reward the trust and maintenance our loyal fans have bestowed upon us. On dispensation value. We believe as a company that our artists can produce a consequences progressive enough to put themselves in the spotlight without having to leverage upon features and collaborations.

We offer a appreciative appreciation that this is a risky move but remain convinced that if this can be achieved, we will be able to herald you will fable for having set the pace in the Nigerian music industry. Granted that collaborations in the industry bring colour and variety to the halt product, but our entry at this period is to mass stronger and richer in value as a unit.

As an investor I know the risks full of zip in investing in the music matter and will discharge loyalty all I can to minimize these risks. For those who message you will that our structure is not all right, I would humbly find the money for advice that you invest in the career of one of the countless minor talents out there and anchor your issue upon principles you take in as we have finished and set aside period and fate pass judgment whose dealings will stand the test of epoch.

As for us, we want to concentrate our liveliness upon creating and releasing massive music such as Sofa by Kiss Daniel and the Believe album recently released by Sugarboy for our fans the world on top of. The features and collaborations are fabulous opportunities which will come at the right times.

Signed: Festus Ehimare (Emperor Geezy)

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