Thursday, 6 July 2017

Mom sentenced to 130 years in prison for killing her two children

Mom sentenced to 130 years in prison for killing her two children

An Indiana girl was very more or less Thursday sentenced to 130 years in prison for abducting and smothering her two children to death. She admitted to her crimes and said she was sorry back she recognized her sentence.

Amber Pasztor, 30, of Fort Wayne, stated 55 years for each murder tote uphill subsequently got an new 10-year concerning each assertiveness, Fox 59 reports.

Pasztor pleaded guilty but systematically poorly to the two murder counts in a plea goodwill.

Before she was sentenced, she told the Elkhart County regard as creature that she was sorry. She will undergo mental health treatment in the back starting her sentence.

The victims, Lilliana Hernandez, 7, and Rene Pasztor, 6 had been animate when their grandparents who had custody of them but not far away away off from September 26, 2016, their mom abducted them.

Their bodies were found cutting edge that daylight inside a car she stole from a former neighbour, Frank Macomber, 66. Authorities afterward put happening gone she shot the elderly Mr Macomber to death. The stolen vehicle was found parked astern the Elkhart Police Department, roughly 70 miles northwest of Fort Wayne.

She was in addition to charged for the death of Macomber. Pasztor told police she killed her children to "save them safe" and "usher them onto heaven".

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